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Linking Documents On The Pc


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I'm making amendments to some of our policies. So, I have all policies in one folder, then I have Parent/Staff packs in other ones. What I would like to do is 'link' these together so that when I update the main policy documents the other things autimatically update too!


My old admin used to do this for me but just can't work it out! I'm running vista and Office 2007.


Thank you :o

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Do you mean a hyperlink? You can insert in a document a link to a website or another document so that when you press ctrl and click on it, it will open the other document for you.


If that's the case, go to Insert on the menus at the top, then in the Links block select hyperlink, then navigate your way to the document and select the document you want to link to. You'd still have to update and edit the other document though.


Have found this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/903163 which might explain things better than me!


If there is a way to update the other document automatically I'd love to know - have a lot of documents to update soon!

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Hi bluesheep,


have tried this but that's not what he did!!!


He had all the policies in a 'policies' folder, then say parent packs in another, staff packs somewhere else.


When I updated a policy in the policies folder, the same document embeded in the parent and staff packs would update with the changes too!!!


Would save so much time!!!

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JEEZ! I hope that's not it (have a feeling it is) :o


Way too complicated I'm afraid! One to master in the summer hols!

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