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Hello out there!

Help needed! Im in the second year of the foudation degree and our next essay is the dreaded research one. We have to conduct a small research project around inclusion and diversity (5000 words). My dd is undergoing observations for aspergers and i would like to use the knowledge i have gained to inspire the project. However, my setting is a homebased setting so is difficult to encompass this, so wanted to base it around the senco's knowledge at dd's school. However imnot sure on the ethics of this, or how i'll get the school on board. Any help? Or suggestions?? Thanks in advance x

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I have not done a foundation degree, so don't have specific knowledge about what is required, but have worked in schools for quite a few years. I also noticed that nobody else has responded to you!

I think it depends largely on your relationship with the school. I would simply speak to the school SENCo when they re-open again and ask. If you explain what you need to achieve and the requirements of the course, most people want to help. It also occurs to me that you may know other local settings who you could ask about their experiences of aspergers, ASD and what they know. Research into parent's experiences could also be very interesting - support for parents and how professionals have worked with them varies considerably through the country and is so, so important.

I hope that is a little bit of help.


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Whichever area of inclusion you choose, you need to find an area that has been researched before so there is material readily available for your literature review.


Personally I think I would steer clear of my own child's school given that your daughter's observations are ongoing. Even if this process has been relatively pain free for you all, it may prove too close to home to base your research project there. If this was the case, it would be hard for you to remain objective which is crucial when you're carrying out research.


What aspects are you particularly interested in? If it were me I think I'd like to do something on parental views of the system, or perhaps how well professionals are working together or maybe how effective the CAF has been in ensuring children are receiving the support they need. Inclusion is such a wide area, and I think the trick will be narrowing it down to something manageable so that you don't set yourself too big a subject area and end up completely overwhelmed.


Good luck - I look forward to hearing what you decide!

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hi and thanks for replying. Its interesting to see others opinions! A good friend of mine has helped me to narrow it down to looking at the implications of introducing sign language to the whole school, or in particular an individual class for the inclusion of a particular child.. It was decided by several people over the course of the last week that using my experience with my daughter woukld not be ethical or objective. So amny suggestions on how this idea could be put into practice or pointers to any literature on this subject would be fab!

many thanks again!

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