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We have 4 insets days next week and one of them will be used to make an inventory of our resources, write up our continous provision and write a shopping list for what else we need, in particular outside.


We opened in January and so far have a moveable climbing frame, bikes, hoops, small balls, cones. We take stuff outside everyday but would also like to have some stuff just for outside.


Would love a durable home corner for example. Good practical storage as well.


Any recommendations of what you can't live without? We have quite a small outdoor space but quite big for London!


p.s. We had our first ever Ofsted inspection and got overall good :o


p.p.s is this post in the right place?? you'd think I'd know by now!!

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Guest lou73

Floaty scarves are lovely on windy days to throw and catch, chunky chalks, 2in paintbrushes in buckets of water, paint rollers and trays, large plastic cars, dolls house, outside mark making trolley with various resources especially some nice funky pens i.e ones which have feathers etc usually you can find these in your favourite pound shop.


lou X

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We have old saucepans and frying pans which we hang from the fence and the children use wooden spoons to create music on them!

Old tyres (these are free!!)

Area to dig and bury treasure.

Area for growing flowers/vegetables.

Tree stumps (our local county park gave us these free!!)

Magnifying glasses and pots.


Will keep thinking and come back with some more ideas!!



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