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Can Anyone Help Me


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Hi Everyone


Can anyone tell me what the PEAGS System is and what it is used for in Nurseries?


I would be very grateful for any help


Thank you


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I know that is stands for Preschool Education Advisory Groups but thought it was only applicable in Northern Ireland and related to the 'groups' set up to decide/implement an expansion of nursery/pre-school provision..


Of course it could stand for something else too but I don't know of anything!


Be interested to hear if anyone else knows.

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Thanks Geraldine - I am glad someone has answered this - I was waiting for someone to answer PEAGS as I didn't want to appear ignorant of the fact that I didn't even know what it stood for, let alone know whether I should know about it but looks as though I am not too out of touch but may just look it up to see if it covers us here in England or whether it is just a N. Ireland initiative.


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Hi there


As Geraldine said, in Northern Ireland, PEAGS is the advisory body for the Pre school expansion programme, which was set up to increase the number of pre school places available to parents.

Basic information on this policy and how it was started can be found in "Children First: The Northern Ireland Childcare strategy, A policy statement" It should be available within the DENI website.


Hope this helps :D



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