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Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holidays :o


I'm currently writing our newsletter and I want to put something about letters and sounds - or more specifically I want to discourage parents from teaching children to write their names in capitals and teaching them the letters by their names rather than sounds.


I don't want to sound like I'm telling the parents off but we've got so many children getting confused between the names and sounds of letters and a few that refuse to write their name in lower case letters because mummy or daddy has taught them to do it in capitals.


Does anyone have an idea of how I can word this please? I really wanted to print this out tomorrow.........


Thank you xD

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Guest pamgreen

How about having a parents information evening you can then do a presentation about with regard to ketters and sounds, obviously this will not be for tomorrow but it has worked well for us.

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Yes we talked about this with our advisor and she pointed out that you can make too much of an issue about it. She steered us towards running meetings early with parents - in both nursery and reception about how we approach early literacy and advising them to use lower case letters and to sound out - but as she pointed out better they do something rather than nothing - letter names have to get taught sometime. We found this approach much more helpful than our previous efforts to just tell them. We ourselves became more relaxed about it and the children seem to have made even better progress as a result.

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I had this problem a while ago. I sent homework home with letter formation guides for each of their names. It took a while to get these ready but I also printed and laminated a copy of each to use with a dry wipe pen in class so it was worth the effort. All but one of the parents took the hint!


There's a copy of my alphabet overwrite attached to my post in this thread:



All the letters are separate on the sheet so you can copy and paste them. You'll have to make your own capitals tho I'm afraid...

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