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Hi all

Looking at trying to get the staff team to do an anonymous appraisal of the deputy and the manager so that we can get an overview how staff feel that they are doing. Was going to give them the appraisal form that we as committee use to appraise but seems a bit formal.


Does anyone else do this?

What questions could I ask?


Thanks all

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Not sure I personally believe that an 'anonymous' appraisal just on the deputy and manager by other staff would be the most constructive way forward. Would perhaps need to be something that involved the 'appraisal' of all staff, by all staff using such a system as finsleymaid suggests.

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I agree. Doing it anonymously does not set the tone for building honest, constructive and supportive relationships between the staff team and could easily set up some unnecessary friction.


How about using open ended questions such as:


To what extent does your manager/deputy support you in your work with the children?

Is there anything you would like his/her help with?

What strengths does your manager/deputy bring to the setting?

If you could ask him/her to do one thing what would it be?

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I also agree, our staff are allowed to speak to the Chair of the committee at the end of their appraisal and for this the manager leaves, so staff are having an oppourtunity to give their views/opinions.

We did what you suggested 2 years ago marley, and it caused a lot of problems and actually still does, as all the parties are still present in the setting.


Think if someone did say something negative anonymously what are you going to do about it, how will you handle it? how will you know who wrote what they did, and why have they put it in writing but never spoken to you about it before? as I'm sure you have a staff grievance policy that says what they should do.


Take it from someone who's been there and done that......it can cause a lot of problems

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Thanks Thumper...I will leave it I think as you all suggest. Its just that I know that some staff have raised issues about the manager but this was done at their appraisal with the deputy. The deputy appraisal is supposed to be done by the manager and the manager by the chair. But how do you get round it as staff wouldnt want to say certain things in front of the deputy or manager. So your suggestion of staff get the opportunity to speak to the chair at the end of their appraisal is a good one. Just need to remember for next year!!



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