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Interviewing Next Week


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Hi all.

I am interviewing for a new Foundation Stage teacher next week. I need to come up with some key questions that will help me find the right person.

What questions would you want to ask in this situation?

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Guest LornaW

These are all from a set i have on my computer they may be of use.


Who is your hero in Early Years development?

Looking to see if they read and are up to date with what is happening in the world of early years.


If you could go anywhere in the world to see how they develop early years where would you go and why?

Again I would want to know that they are aware of what is happening in Scotland / Norway & Scandinavia / Italy etc !


What part of the Dame Tickell review excites you the most?

Tell me something that has gone really well in your classroom just recently?

Tell me how you involve parents in your classroom?

What was the best early years training course you attended and why?

How would you develop the outdoor area to ensure the 6 areas of learning can be delivered rather than just the physical?

What processes would you put in place to develop children’s learning from their interests?

How would you involve children in the daily routine?

What would you do if one child was being very disruptive in class?

How would you involve parents in the school?

How would you deal with angry parents?

If a parent was coming to parents evening, how would you encourage them to become more involved?

How do you scaffold children’s learning?

During child initiated time what do you see is the role of the adults in the setting?

How would you see your role with the TA/Nursery Nurse /LSA in your class?

What would be your ideal routine for settling new children into school?

How would you ensure a smooth transition from YR to Y1?


I remember the last interview I had about 5 years ago I had to explain how I would develop- pedagogy into practice!



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Guest lou73

What about what would you expect to see in a foundation stage classroom?

What are your personal strengths and strengths as a teacher?

How would you assess children to find out where they are in their development and how would you plan to develop upon this?

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