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can anyone tell me (or direct me to a link) that explains what a salt test entails ? how the child is assesed, what they are looking for or observing and how the results can be used to assist the staff / child ?


does the test asses where the child 'is' ,or is it a matter or a pass or fail ? what does the test look for - does it asses a childs comprehension and understanding, and how does it do this ?are there reccomendations given with the results of the test -if they are needed ?


i have a meeting in a few days and need to get a few 'facts' beforehand.


many thanks

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cheers - no (but thanks !)

its -im assuming - a Speech And Language Therapy Test ?


i may have an ' challenging' meeting and want to prepare myself lol !


I don't know of a specific 'test' as such.

Over the years I have had several children referred to SALT for speech and language therapy assessment. What happens at the assessment depends upon the age/stage of the child and what the 'concern' is that resulted in a refferal.


I currently have a 3 year old for whom I have received a SALT report. It details a diagnosis with difficulty in saying voiced and voiceless sounds (and therefore affects speech development) and contained ideas for games we can put in place to support the child, The SALT also included some pictorial resources for us to use with instructions on what she would like us to do


sorry if it 's not much help

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the salt 'test'is an assessment process and can be done in several different ways depending on the age/stage and ability of the child. Often the original assessment is very informal and will just be the therapist having a chat and a play and working out what the childs abilities are roughly ...further assessment may be necessary in complicated cases. the therapists do what they say! assess the speech....fluidity/volume/sounds/formation ...and the language comprehension/sentence construction/expressive langauge etc children (in our lea) are then usually offered 6 small group sessions adjusted to meet their needs. if this is not effective then 1 to 1 therapy may be offered ...our health authority continue this suppot until year one. You would need to check with your area senco what the process is for your area. Hope this helps :o

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