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Wonder if you can help...


One of my key children has shown a big interest in the little lego people in our small world area. He goes to them first thing in a morning and will play with them all day if allowed. We've even found them in his pockets when he leaves for home!


I'm wanting to expand his learning using the lego people in other areas and also encourage him to engage in similar but different resources.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Rebecca :o

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you could try a challenge for him so can you make a spaceship for them or a boat that floats(yes they do!) or put them in any other small world play space...ours invade everywhere including the dolls house/the role play toy shop/make the sand into the beach scene...there are so many ways to go....footprints in the paint...make a car from meccano oh and the children favourite at the moment making catapults! we use a cylinder block and a small flat block put the man on the end and PING! try to set it up so that they have to get the man into a box or along a score line. Can you tell we have a few boys! :o

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