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The Social And Medical Model Of Disability


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Hello everyone,


i am studying E214 (Was known as E243) for one of my Esaays i have to Choose two resources and examine the contrasting models. The type of model should be apparent . When choosing the materials, examine ways in which the issues are discussed. Examine the thinking behind them and consider the ways in which the language and ideas used represent the particular model. They should offer clear examples of contrasting ways of representing diversity, such as a medical/deficit versus a rights approach.Explore the way in which the ideas/topics are presented and what this tells us about the ways in which the authors of the resources view the people they are writing about.


does anyone know any any articles on the above models - that i can write about

i want to concentrate on children topics


any help would be much appreciated


thanks in advance



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I have made your other thread in the articles forum invisible so that people only have to read and contribute to one thread, lisa88.


Perhaps it might help us to know what articles and information you have already turned up in your researches, so that we don't duplicate!

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