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Ict Skills Sheet For Parents

Guest tinkerbell

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Guest tinkerbell


I am about to make an ICT skills assessment sheet for my reception children to send home to parents to ask what the children are capable of at home.Before I do this I was wondering if anyone has made one or know where I can find one?


I am aware of what the children do in school but when I watch my nearly 3 year old grand son select a DVd,put it in the machine,turn the machine on with the remote control and select the scene and turn up the volume...I thought there is a whole world of ICT the children will be experts at that the parents could help us with

eg children answering the telephone,using camera,Cd,wii ,being aware of programmable devices in the home eg washing machine,micro wave,alarm clock,....are they aware of car park ticket machines,barcode swipers in supermarkets?,,,


I just thought a sheet that parents could tick and put comments on would be lovely evidence for KUW ICT.



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