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I'm an EYP going for a job in a FSU next week!! For my interview I have to lead a short session with the whole group...a story and then lead a small group activity, before a reflective exercise of 2-3 scenarios to prep and then lead them into my interview proper...EEeek!!! This is the scariest interview EVER!!! worse than when I (mistakenly) thought I wanted to teach and had an interview at Homerton College Cambridge...LOL


Any advice? They said I can pick a theme but I wish I knew what their planning was....would it be more professional to ask, explain i feel it'll be less disruptive to staff and pupils that way? Otherwise it could not go well, if I suddenly introduce something poles apart from what they've looked at...or the kids might get hooked and be unwilling to return to the school's topic when i'm gone?!


So far thought of Night pirates...and making an eye patch or a pirate boat


Stick man and making a 'stick' man collage using...errr you've guessed it LOL!!!


Aliens love underpants...and making blow painting aliens (with googly eyes when dry)


But other ideas very very welcome please

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I like the alien idea, I think that would fit well with whatever has been going on, you could also use the other alien book( whose title escapes me the moment)! Talk about body parts etc and perhaps have some pictures to label?


Perhaps with aliens like underpants, could you design pants--lots of language about patterns, size, shape, colour etc.


Good luck, what is the role in the FSU?

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It's manager of the Nursery (maternity cover initially poss. long term) but with cross planning together with reception in a very supportive FU of a primary CE VA school...it seems lovely


Thanks...I have done the making pants activity before with lots of the gummed shapes, to promote fine motor skills picking them up and langauage about shapes etc..as well as ribbon lace sequins etc etc


I'm trying to remember it's not just what i do but my rationale, planning, knowledge of EYFS (demonstrate i know where my activity would fit in etc) that they will be looking at


Thanks Susan :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got the job Yay :)


I did Mabel's Magical Garden which I'd highly recommend...it's out of print but most libraries seem to have copies as do Amazon sellers and Ebay (cos have to have my own copy now!!)


I had props: had to mutiliate a rhino finger puppet to make the gray/blue kangeroo!! LOL, a giraffe and 'mabel' and then lots of silk flowers, a little house (borrowed a happy land one of my daughter's)


I sat on the floor with the children sat in acircle around me

when we got to the wall part the children stood up...when mabel takes the wall down they sat back down one by one...with no rehearsal wasn't sure about this but it worked well....they enjoyed being 'part' of the story!!!


then the scenarios went fine as had thought to take EYFS with me :)


Very very pleased and happy...:)

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