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Recently i went on a course about numeracy in the foundation stage and a few of the teachers there used stories as a starting point for their numeracy lessons. I'd never heard of this before but think it's a fab idea, only problem is as i'm struggling to find books (as an NQT i still only know a small pile full). Does anyone know of a good website for ideas or is it a matter of trawling the stands in waterstones?


Thanks :)

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I think, if I understood the banner on the TES website that the last TES had a feature on this. Unfortunately I didnt remember to buy one, so if you have one in your staff room you may find some ideas.

But maths ideas are often inherent in stories rather explicit so its looking for links that is important. They might be tenuous but they could lead you where you want to go. Other stories will be more obvious--Elmer, Hungry Caterpillar, Titch.

Think about numbers and counting--ordinal and cardinal, positional language, sizes and comparisons, shapes and patterns, time and sequencing.

If you are using stories as a topic starter you will almost certainly be able to draw on more than just the maths involved.


Have fun!

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Hmm I thought the Sally Featherstone 'Little Books' had a title in this range but I think I'm wrong - although there is one about cooking from stories that might well involve mathematical concepts. They're not all that expensive & because they're activity based much of the planning is done for you.

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Is it just numeracy you want buttonmoon or are you looking for vocabulary for maths as well.

3 bears

3 Billy Goats Gruff

Jack and the beanstalk

Jaspers beanstalk

We have a different number rhyme each week, here a a few - I shall see if I have a list somewhere.

10 green bottles

5 little speckled frogs

10 little monkeys

10 fat sausages frying in a pan

5 busy bumble bees

5 Rosy apples

10 white socks hanging out to dry

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Hi Buttonmoon,

I use the story Ten in the Bed by PennyDale (I think) and also Nine Ducks Nine by (actually don't remember) Sorry to be so vague, but it is Sunday night and tomorrow is a Bank holiday and I've been to a wedding today so am a little tired!


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Kipper's toybox is a good one :D


The National Numeracy Project listed the following titles:-


Jim and the beanstalk

One little teddy bear

Would you rather

Mr Gumpy's outing

Just like Jasper!

The bad tempered ladybird

The very hungry caterpillar

Rooster's off to see the world

Noah's ark

Ten in the bed

Ten out of bed

Mrs mopples washing line

One smiling grandma

The stopwatch

My Oxford 123 number rhyme book (Roger McGough)

Six dinner Sid

Ten tall giraffes

5 minute's peace

Handa's surprise

Little rabbit foo foo

Brown Bear, Brown bear


Not now Bernard

No you can't

9 ducks 9

Mrs Wishy Washy

"Pardon" said the giraffe

Rosie's Walk

Where the wild things are



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Don't forget The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen ( and yes the Komodo dragons in the book are real - you'll find pictures on the internet - the boys love it !!!!!!!!) :)

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i dont know if this is any help but i found it on the internet a while ago i think its from the NNS website. ive used it a lot as it it says the area of maths the books cover.


hope ive attached it correctly.


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