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Hello.....just wondering what all you reception teachers do out there...


I have got a child who now know the first 45 HFW......Very confident and fluent.....what would you do next?

In terms of what you send home or what you provide in the classroom.....

should I move onto the next.set.....should she learn to spell them??

Also how do you start teaching your children about sentences.........??

Should I send home sentence building books??

Advice needed.....need to push this little girl......she has got the potential to be a fantastic reader and writer.....

Also books......do you just follow oxford reading tree scheme??


Thank you.........help really appreciated


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I would say applying the knowledge in context - can she decode to read and show understanding of text? What about phonemic skills of blending and segmenting?

Rather than going further I would go wider and deeper to be honest.


A reading scheme book needs to match her ability to decode by blending known phonemes through the words so as long as it has a 90% (I think that's right for reception age children - it's 1 word in 10 dificulty) accuracy rate then it is at the right pitch and any book will suffice.



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Letters and sounds games and a strong phonic programme! Hear and identify the sounds first, blend, segment, apply, then longer patterns (air, ure sounds etc if ready) then the child can read any word. In the mean time I'd let her choose books that she is interested in with age related content and from that you're teaching reading skills in a context that is purposeful and meaningful to her. I wouldn't teaching sentences. Sentences should naturally follow from her emerging writing as the child begins to chanel and sequence her ideas and thoughts. At home I'd be getting the child to write stories/diaries with parents - every child is an author etc, that way she's enhancing her vocabulary too.

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