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Do your children have any activities that they just really love doing independent or focused? have an ob coming up and head she wants to see 100% of the chn purposefully engaged in CLL learning OMG!!! I provide activities but they do go off task and get really silly with each other so i need to try and address this- it must be the activities that i am providing so if any of you lovely people have any great ideas i would be really grateful. We do the usual like Tuff spot and stories, chalking on the play ground floor and they like the fly swats and HFW's. Looking for some new refreshing ideas. Thought about doing Handa's surprise for the obs as our topic is plants and animals


Thanks for you time

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Hi teacherinpink,

Ours love the clipboards. When we did some work on 'Goldilocks and the three bears', we tasted some porridge, it didn't go down very well with a lot of the children. We used tis opportunity for the children to question each other on their experiences. We provided them with a survey 'Do you like porridge?' This was very popular with girls and boys alike and the interest lasted for more than 2 weeks. One boy even adapted it to his own interests asking the other children "Do you like light sabers?"


You could maybe use this with 'Handa's Surprise'. The children could taste one of the fruits as part of their snack, such as the mango and let the children do some investigative work for you and share their findings at the end of the session.


Hope this is of some use to you.


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