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Within our school grounds, we have a breakfast club and after school club for children ranging from 4 to 10. The foundation stage children that attend are not all regular and full time, they range from attending for just 30 minutes on 2 afternoons to full time every morning and afternoon.

They have just been advised by are LA that they have to be observing and collecting evidence for the EYFS children.

They have come to me for advice AND I Have come to you lovely people for advice!

The only thing I can think of is.... a comprehensive dialogue between the foundation teachers and the pre care staff. Whereby we tell them what the children's next steps are so that they can focus on those and we ask them to observe any children we are concerned about. Any observations that they make linked to next steps, they then give to us and we stick them in their learning journeys. Therefore they will only have one learning journey rather than one with us and one at pre care.

What do other settings advise?


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