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Hi I have been asked by my employers to research the need the need for early intervention and support groups. Do you think there is a need for more early intervention with the younger children, home support with routines behaviours etc. D we need more parent support groups, sibling support groups and autism specific pre schools.


Any thoughts would be helpful either as a parent or a professional. thank you in advance


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think this may depend on the area you live in.


We always had the help and support we needed as a setting and were able to send parents in the right direction . I do realise we were /are lucky in having a group dedicated to this in our area, who are really good at what they do... Springboard Opp group.


we also have a school locally young people who have Severe Learning Difficulties and/or Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.


All had good links with us when I worked in the preschool - all giving us support and help when we identifies a need or parents had before... think the hardest was for parents before coming to a preschool or somewhere who would recognise or notice a possible additional need.. all depended on parents asking or going somewhere where help would be available.


other areas may/will not be as lucky or have the network set up

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