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I am a slightly confused final year studnet teacher.



Is there any where that says what positional language chidlren should be using by the end of the Foundation Stage?


I am introducing positional language using the story 'Where's Spot?' and this introduces the words, behind, inside, in and under. How many more should I introduce? I plan to do this by using photos of a toy Spot around the classroom and outdoor area.


I am thinking, on, under/beneath, behind, in, by/next to, on, above, between. I guess a lot of it also depends on what the chidlren know and come up with.



Any ideas?


Thanks in advance :o .

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I have usually talked about beside and next to rather than by.


If you have access to a computer with MY world 3 on it, there is a usuful program called "Where's Teddy?" which I have used to assess and consolidate positional langage.


You will probably find that the children have a greater range of positional language that they can respond to, ie move an object or themselves than that they actually vocalise.


Dont forget to use the language in PE and maybe play games like Simon Says etc --it can be a really active topic!

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