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Setting Up Governor Led Pre-school


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I am in need of some advice on setting up a governor led pre-school in our school. I teach Reception in a small rural school and our local pre-school is struggling with its premises and numbers. We have been talking to them about possibly setting up an on-site pre-school. My head's preferred model is for the pre-school to close and we will then set up a governor led pre-school on site. We have an old outbuilding which could be converted to provide accomodation. I have contacted Ofsted and they have said that if we take rising 3s and older it can be part of the school's services and we do not have to register it separately. Does anyone have any experience of setting up something like this? We are unsure about whether it can be managed by me, as a teacher, with staff employed to run it, or whether we need to have a managed with a specific Early Years qualification (like EYPS). Any advice would be gratefully received, and if anyone nearby has a setting I could visit that would be fantastic (I am in Gloucestershire).


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