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Bit old fashioned, but as soon as I read your post, this old rhyme sprang to mind............... it's on land of nursery rhymes site, and there may be others:


January Brings The Snow



January brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.


February brings the rain,

Thaws the frozen lake again.


March brings breezes sharp and shrill,

Shakes the dancing daffodil.


April brings the primrose sweet,

Scatters daisies at our feet.


May brings flocks of pretty lambs,

Skipping by their fleecy dams.


June brings tulips, lillies, roses,

Fills the children's hands with posies.


Hot July brings cooling showers,

Apricots and gillyflowers.


August brings the sheaves of corn,

Then the harvest home is borne.


Warm September brings the fruit,

Sportsmen then begin to shoot.


Brown October brings the pheasant,

Then to gather nuts is pleasant.


Dull November brings the blast,

Then the leaves go whirling past.


Chill December brings the sleet,

Blazing fire and Christmas treat.


Ok, yes, looking at it, it IS old-fashioned, but you could explain the ryhmes to the children and tell them that their grandparents might have learned this at school! :o

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really depends on if you are looking to introduce them in song or all together or over the months as they arrive, which is what we did..


I made A4 sheets for each month with appropriate pictures on it to help with the recognition.. cannot remember exactly what I used but think it was things like daffodils for march, autumn leaves for October..think I also added pictures to do with any festivals usual in that month



There was space on this for a number to be added daily, and we also had a space for a day to be incorporated.


This was then used at circle time to discuss the day , date and month and changed by the children in turns.. they soon began to understand the days of the week,and how the date and months worked, many used to discuss it at home and parents would help them so they knew what day or date etc it was on coming in...


I thought I got the month ideas from Communication4all site but I cannot get in to check it says service unavailable..

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How about starting from the point of 'which month is your birthday in?' and also via the seasons.


We have a calendar that they change, but my feeling is that conceptually this is a bit beyond them - you might be able to teach them the names of the months but they won't really understand what they mean. At this age 'time passing' is very abstract concept best explored through changes in nature and via festivals through the seasons.

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