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Hey All,


I haven't been on for a while as i have been loaded dwn with degree work, but i have been checking regular up-dates now and again.


I would like to pick everyones brains, as I'm in the process of building a business plan for the nursery I manage!! and i'd like some help on how to lay it out, what to include etc!!

If any of you have old business plans you could share.


I have a meeting with my staff tomorrow and I will be discussing it with them then.


Thank you in advance!!

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I've just done one after getting ideas form a web site. Its a daunting task though and I know I have a few changes to make to ours. This is the site I used but there are loads out there. When I did ours I imagined I was sending a letter to someone who had never been to our setting abut who I wanted money off. I sold us but was really honest and objectve about our weaknesses (rented hall, no outside area) an how we work to overcome these.

Business plan templates

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Hi, I did one for our preschool when I was putting together a bid for capital funding from the LEA. We got £2.5k so it must have been alright!


It wasn't long to be honest.


- A word document (one page of A4) with the following headings - About Us, Our Plans for the Year, Our Plans for the Future.


- An excel document - this might be slightly trickier for you, I would advise you to ask an accountant (my other half is a finance director and worked this out for me). It basically had: Profit and Loss statement with forecast for next 5 years, Funding and Fees calcuations (just to show the basis for the increase, which was because hours went up from 12.5 to 15), and 5 year forecast balance sheet.


From memory, we just fiddled around with the figures, adding increases until we reached a point where our net return was roughly zero (we are a charity so don't need to make a profit).


I'm not sure how much that helps, but I imagine it's the spreadsheet that helped us win the bid, because it shows our setting is sustainable, rather than the word document. Having said that, it is always going to be 'creative accounting' at its finest, because you have no real way of knowing what the figures will be. You can of course get clever with local birth rate data, looking at percentage increases from previous years, etc.


My advice - ask (or pay) an accountant to do it for you!

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Thats the bit I've got to fiddle with Suzie, the financial forecast. I'm finding it difficult to look ahead and basically 'make it up'. Who knows what the future will bring? It doesnt help that the only thing I have to look back on for a guide is one years worth of in/out having previously had a treaurer who really wasnt. :o

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