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Hello all, this is my first post, I have just started in a new nursery and would like some advice on how you all deal with handwashing in your settings. We have no sinks in the rooms so use portable sinks which are broken, so water is put in the sink and all the children wash their hands using the same water. I am concerned the children are simply spreading germs around, the water is usually cold and they do not use soap.


When I escort children to the toilet, they seem suprised that I ask them to wash their hands, and say things like 'i don't like getting my hands wet' or do not seem to know how to use the soap dispenser.


I have also observed that little emphasis is placed on hand washing generally. There is not soap in the nappy changing area for staff to wash their hands, (I have to go to the children's toilet as there is no hot water in the adult toilet!)


When I mentioned this today some of the staff said that they wore gloves so don't need to wash their hands and another member of staff said that it was ok as we use gel.


I am willing to challenge the nursery on the matter, but would like some advice on how other settings cope when they do not have running water in the room, or have to walk the the children across the nursery to get to the toilets.

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hi we use a portable sink - weprovide warm water and soap and paper towels for the children to use throughtout the session and prior to snack - we do not have a plug in the sink so all childrn use fresh water.

regards to toilets we have to take children outside of the room to access toilets - there are only adult sized sinks here but the children have steps so can reach the sink (or i lift them if they are too small) - the water takes a long time to warm up and the tap is one that only runs for short periods of time - i therefore keep my hand pressed down on the tap until the water is warm and fill the sink whilst the child is in the toilet so it is usually ready when they come out - again we have pump soap and paper towels.

regards nappy changing - once the child is changed we wipe the changing mat with anti - bac wipes then once nappy ets has been disposed off then we take the child to wash their hands alongside the adult using soap and paper towels

hope thats a help - any more needed just let me know.

cant believe that no-one is taking seriously the hand washing - it is so important as we know


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