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We escort and collect children from a local Infant school. A parent recently alleged we were incompetent on a school escort (Not true by the way!) and has now increased this to say a member of staff abused her child by aggressively doing up his coat and making an old scar under his chin open and bleed. I definately know this is untrue as 1) the school put on the coats 2) the school reported the open scar to us and had already dressed it as it happened during the school day. I assume they have a written record of this


I have already started a complaint procedure and intend to ask the school for proof tomorrow but do I need to inform Ofsted of this allegation even though I know it is false.


Am feeling pretty upset and worried - any help?

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In cases like this where a parent may also report to Ofsted if they feel they have a grievance it's best IMO to get in first and put your side of the issue to Ofsted, and ensure that they have the facts from you. Having had a few of these types of case over the years I can reassure you that Ofsted are very good at sorting the true concerns from allegations, and are professional in the way they handle this type of issue. Collect the facts - state your case to Ofsted at the first opportunity, and let the parent know that you have done this, it may just help them get things back into perspective.

Good Luck. :o

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Yes, DEFINATELY phone Ofsted first thing to tell them of the allegation, then follow it up with a letter.Good to explain to them what steps you take to safeguard children in your care.........correct ratios; children not left with one adult etc......and then state that you constantly review your procedures and will reflect on this allegation to see if you can learn anything from it ( for instance, perhaps set up a system whereby the school informs you at handover, preferably in writing, that the child has an open wound, which they dressed and how it happened etc?). Good luck and I hope this parent comes back to you with an apology. It is upsetting when things like this happen ( trust me, I KNOW!!), but stay calm, you know this did not happen in your care.xx

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yes tell Ofsted and your LEA. think we also told local safeguarding board...


it is a serious allegation and needs to be treated as such even though you know it is untrue.


follow your procedures and document is the way to go..document all.. conversations with parents when who with etc.. complete a complaints form for parent to sign..


did you fill in any form when child arrived to say that they arrived with the injury, if not now amy be a time to add it to your procedures as an action to take after this incident.. perhaps with whoever hands over signing to say what happened.. you could carry a book on collection each day just in case..


try to always have someone as a witness when talking to parent and remain very calm and polite..


as you say contact the school for their documentation.. / info on incident ..


gather all the evidence together in a folder...


In our case parent did take it further and complain to Ofsted - who investigated.. but it was in our favour that I had reported it to all I could think of - protecting the staff really.


It is a worry and unsettling when this happens.. we were angry to begin with then set into gather everything we could think of mode which calmed us all down a bit to be reasonable and calm with parent.. ( which in our case riled her even more and she became more angry at our calm and professional attitude! that was harder than dealing with O!!)





you may well find an inspector on your doorstep, ours rang for a time to come .. took a while though .. and actually if parent continues to use your setting it is in your favour... they commented that if we were that much of an issue parent would not let child stay!


sorry if it all sounds a bit scary.. it was at the time but you will come through the other side.. we did..


good luck.

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Guest pamgreen

You definitely need to contact need to contact, Ofsted, the LEA and Local safeguarding board You also need to look at your child protection policy and follow the procedure about allegations against staff good luck

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So sorry this has happened.


From talking to Childminders who have had unfounded/ malicious complaints made against them, it seems Ofsted come with an open mind, realising that not all complaint are founded.

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