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Hi everyone,

Is there anyone who has a pre school in a county council school, but not attatched to the school.

Got a problem. Been on an upper school site since 1981(me for 3yrs). We were given our own annexe building in 2000 and raised £12000 to re furb.

We had a lettings agreement with the school and paid a mnthly rent. Now been told by County Council that we have to have a lease and have to pay £700 plus vat leagal costs and £250 plus vat surveying costs. We are not allowed to use the funding money and our fees only raise about £200 per term and that goes on wages.

My DW is on the case but isn't holding out much hope for a loophole and dropped the added bombshell that it will probably have to go to court to be agreed and we will have to pay the court costs.

We are a small committe run pre school with 30 on roll.

Anyone come acroos this and any advice would be appreciated.

Oh and we have been told we MAY be able to pay it ininstallments but is unlikely.


Net xx


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Sorry net, I cant help either, but good luck. After being there so long and building the pre-school up it would be a shme to have it all taken away by red tape. :o:D

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I do empathise. Have you spoken to your EYDCP? In my area they have appointed a "School liaison Officer" ( I think thats her title) anyway her role is to support schools to liaise with voluntary / private sector to meet the government 10 yr strategy on developing extended services within schools for parents / children. ( incl Preschool, after school and holiday clubs)


If this situation means you have to close I would suggest getting parent and media support and highlight the case locally. A preschool in my area was succesful when the school wanted them to close so they could have their classroom back.


Contact your local MP, maybe they can support you as Early Years is high on the political agenda.


Let us know how you get on, and best wishes in what must be a time of stress.



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Hi Net

I have not been in this situation so can only sympathise with you. What about going to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They may be able to offer you some advice or point you in the right direction.

Good luck!


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Thank you for all you advice.

I have spoken to my EYDCP and she seemed to think there was very little hope. Apparently, all pre schools that are on county council property are meant to have a lease. The most ridiculous thing is that they aren't changing any of the original lettings agreement we have, just putting the word lease, lessor and lessee in it and are charging us £1000 for the pleasure.


I do have the upper school I am in on side, as we are very good for them.

It seems to be rip of the little guys as per usual.


net x


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Hi net,


Can't offer any advice, only my thoughts are with you in this legislative fight... xD:(


fingers crossed for some divine intervention or advice,


love kizzy xx :o

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Sorry to hear of your problem - I don't suppose you have a solicitor as a parent. I do know though that some firms will do some community work I can't remember the scheme but people contribute some of their time and in return they claim the use of other services. Has anyone else heard of this - will get more info for you ASAP

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