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Am looking for opinions on this as I wonder what you all do if you are in the same position as me.


We are a charity run preschool which is run from the gorunds of a primary school.

The trustees are made up of school govenors, head teacher and head of early years ( Head teacher is registered person of the preschool).


I am the preschool manager who runs the preschool entirely other than pay wages which is done through the school system..


I have been told today after a heated debate regarding a certain issue that actually I do not run the preschool !!!! it is run by the registered person!!! trying to hold back as I was ready to say stick your job!!! but I actually need to work and love my job. I thought about what I actually do on a day to day basis that I have self taught without help from anyone.


The committee are all to happy aas the preschool has a very good reputation (through our hard work!!!) but I just feel very deflated as I now feel they it appears i am theire to keep my mouth shut and and apparently not have an opinion!!.


Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me being sensitive?

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Sorry to hear you have had this debate and the comments made - slthough officially true were unecassary and I can see why you are upset. My setting has a similar setup , the Head of the school is the registered person and I am the Manager, and have control over the day to day running of the setting. I know that ultimatley the Head is my boss and has the final say as Registered person, but he allows me to run the setting in the way I choose, with his support and as backup if I need to 'throw some weigh around.'

It sounds as if maybe you need to go back to the person who said this ( I assume it was the Head) and ask for clarification on what thier perception of your role is - and whether that compares with your job description ? It is hard for a Head to take on this role which differs from the running of a school, in that you have been employed to manage which within the school is thier job. Maybe you also need to point out that the comment made was very upsetting to you and made you feel devalued as a person . :o


Good Luck I'm sure you can iron this out, but brooding over it will make you feel bad, so you neeed to air whats upsetting you to the person in question, never easy I know but better for all concerned in the long run.

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Hi Emma


Just to say I am in a similar situation to you except that our trustees are not linked to the school. The trustees delegate the day-to-day running of the pre-school to me. Gratefully on their part I would say as they are busy professional people and thankfully on my part because I am able to run it as I see fit within the boundaries of the curriculum, legislation and current best practice (or at least I aspire to the latter). Of course, they are ultimately responsible as my employer and we have a mutually respectful relationship. They sanction any policy decisions that I forward to them, the yearly budget etc and I am accountable to them. At meetings I am there to advise them but thankfully so far they have taken my advice with regards to early years and I acknowledge their financial and business knowledge.


I can see how this relationship could be difficult though if there is a difference in beliefs and values with regard to the early years, perhaps?


I hope you can sort out your differences.

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I am the responsible person along with the committee but the day to day running is the managers role, she runs the setting.

I'd do as redjayne suggests and ask for a job description so you can be clear just what constitutes 'running' it. I'd also ask for acommittee meeting so it can be clarified with everyone else present just in case there are any crossed wires.

In your shoes I'd be inclined to be rather pedantic and start passing him the things that are needed to run the place.

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You 'run' it in the sense that you support everything to do with the children. The head teacher 'runs' it in the sense that the buck stops with her if something goes wrong. As Chair I'm both registered person with other committee members and suitable person (scary really) but all day to day running of the setting is done by my manager and she would make any decisions to do with the children, while I help make decisions to do with the practicalities - wages, legal stuff, the boring bits really!!


They've been insensitive, but I suspect they meant it in the same way that a class teacher 'runs' her class but still has the head as a line manager.

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Personally I would ignore the comment and focus on the "certain issue" you mention.


It sounds like the comment came after a failure to rationally challenge your view on that issue.



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