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Ncfe - Is It Widely Recognised In The Workplace?


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Hiya all, apols for not being on at all but its been so mad busy with usually that I havent had the time till now. Anyway happy belated new year to all !


Ive been thinking of furthering my interest in child pyschology by doing a course online but wondered whether anyone else had used the online "child care college" whom give out NCFE diplomas - there's courses for teaching assistants; child pyschology and level 3 in childcare. are they recognised in the work arena does anyone know? need an online course as havent the freedom yet to go to college - any advice or experience with this is appreciated.


many thanks



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Guest cathy m

my advice would be careful and do some research, there are various online distance learning courses that initially sound okay. however last year somone I know signed up for a course and was due to pay in monthly installments. when the course materials arrived I was appalled at the poor structure, course content and incorrect information. Fortunately after I had sent several letters of complaint she was reimbursed.


In my experience the Open University is an excellent way to study, several of us on this forum have gained qualification with them



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