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We need to replace our indoor slide/climbing frame. Have been looking at the Galt frame and slide (our current one is a Galt one) but on a recent talk on physical play was advised that new legislation may be coming into effect with regard to the slide having to have a run out as children can damage their spines. The Galt one does not. Does anyone out there have any alternative suppliers for play equipment of this sort. We need to fold it up and put it away every day so it has to be flexible and light!! This is obviously a farily major acquisition for us - probably in the region of £400-£500 and we need to make sure we look at every alternative. Please anyone any ideas?


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Hi Nikki,

I'm not sure what you mean by "run out"; is it the ground-level extension of the slide?

I know the compnay called WESCO have a good reputation for equipment, and I've looked in their catalogue for slides. They have ones that force a landing onto feet (not bottoms): would that help? They only seem to be for outdoor use, but I do have a very old catalogue; they might do an entirely different range, now!

Phone number is 01376 503590

Website wesco-group.com, I think :)

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