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We Got The Call Today!


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We were meant to have moderation this week, so we are quite prepared in many respects ... but I still have a day to sort things out and a large team waiting for instructions!


Anyone been through the process recently.


I just don't know if this inspector will be more 'early years' or more 'ofsted'!


Any tips gladly received!

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Our nursery was done as part of the school Ofsted in Feb 2009, 9 months after we had been through the Ofsted procedure for the private part of the nurssery day!!


I don't think you can tell quite where or how they will come down.... sometimes they look closely at weaknesses or areas for improvement from last inspection........

Sometimes they look closely at why results throughout the school aren't good enough (as with ours) and look to see if its a problem in just one area ie FS or KS1 or KS2.


With ours it was a day popping in and out of classes and a day with the paperwork.


Just be yourselves. TRY not to stress too much :o and remember to argue your point..... if you can justify what you do because it suits your cohort/ setting then I think you should do it!!


Good Luck x

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Get the HT to give you a copy of the PIB (pre inspection briefing) that the lead will give to them the evening before and you will know exactly what evidence trail they are following and looking for.


Have your data all ready - on entry/EYFSP for last year/this year. In some inspections they've asked for the last 3 years to see trends over time.



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The school at which I am covering the Manager of the Nursery's maternity...got the call on Friday. Ofsted are coming tomorrow and wednesday and I am (today) 4 days into the job.....Aaaaaahhhhh!!!


I thought the team were behind me but overheard someone 'sl***ing' me off today behind my back. Which hasn't helped my confidence for tomorrow. I don't even know where to start...as well as Manager I am also a member of staff, in that I am keyworker to 12 children and haven't yet done more than a couple of wows..on a couple of children and looked at their overview sheets!!! I've been too busy!


What should I expect to be asked, I have read and signed ALL the policies and procedures and done A LOT of tidying up today. The place looks welcoming, the displays are good and there is loads of planning from the children...it is generallly a very child-led setting.


Any other tips much appreciated.


Oh and I pulled my back today: we have twin 2.9m boys who are very young and come from a 'Toddler' room at day nursery where they were enclosed and could have a sleep and had only age appropriate toys into us a school pre-school and they just cause chaos every time they're in!! I tried to lead one by the hand and they just DROP on you and he pulled so hard I am in pain :o


Sorry wingeing over...at least it'll be done and dusted and can spend the rest of my time there implimenting their recommendations!

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