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Sorry feel like all's I do is ask questions lol


We currently have no handbook for staff/helpers or volunteers in place and depsite repeated attempts to get the committee to do it it has fallen on me :o


Can anyone provide me a quick list of what to include please? Don't want to miss anything out but got too much on my mind to think straight right now xD


Any help would be greatly appreciated please



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Sorry Sazzj not sure what you would like help with exactly. If its the staff do you mean job descriptions, or a operational plan, daily plan, which could also include all visitors, volunteers, students etc.

If you mean a daily plan as in procedures to include:

Daily risk assessments. and notifying whom in the event of a possible risk ie building etc.

Fire drill procedure / evacuation procedure, meeting point.

All policies, including storing of personal possessions.

Confidentiality of staff, parents etc.

Staff, visitors, students toilets.

Staff deployment around the room, setting.

First Aid point and named designated person .

Accident record folder.

Safe lifting of equipment.

Settings aims.

Settings rules.

Who to go to for advice / support.

I'm sure theres lots more but hope this may help a little to get you started.

Don't forget if this is a committees role to do this, you really should insist they do as you end up doing everything otherwise.

Good luck. :o

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Try a look in the Employment and Staffing section of the resource library, Helen has uploaded a staff handbook, plus lots of other useful resources including my Induction checklist. :o which may help as a list to include in handbook.



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I should add that we also give all staff our current set of policies and ask them to read it, and sign a form to say that they have read and understood all our policies.


In theory I guess helpers should also do this, but let's be realistic here, we don't want to put them off!

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Thank you - give me some good starting points


Yeah I am aware that staff need policies and procedures etc but me and assistant started at same time and there had been no previous inductions prior to us starting and we definatly didn't get one. I am thinking ahead for this one.


However, lots of volunteers/helpers coming in and out at the moment so def need to get something up running


Thanks again

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Hi Sazz J, am in a very similar position to you and have just put one together for staff. Like was said earlier I used the PLA one for all the legal stuff with bits from the resource library and then just added bits relevant to our setting including our ethos and philosophy and an example of what to expect on a typical day. Then they all had to read and sign a form to say they'd read it and received a copy. Put useful things in it like what to do when off sick etc. I also put together a welcome booklet for new starters and a person on duty helper sheet..this was really basic saying where useful resources were kept and what expectations were etc.


One of these days I'll have a moment to spare and will have a play in the resource library and upload stuff, repaying all the favours the lovely people on here have done sharing their info.


Doing all of this of course isn't mentioned in my job description and was produced in my own time :)

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