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I am not on here enough nowadays and feel that I am forever trying to find time to catch up ....I wanted to ask whether everyone is still working towards the government aim of everyone being a level three by 2015 (?).....


I keep receiving information about funded training and need to be in a position to encourage a couple of colleagues who are level 2,


I currently have 2 level three's, myself (BA(hons EYElevel 5-6), 3 level two's and one unqualified member of staff -


I really need a push for one particular level 2 who seems to flout any system we have with non-belief and the attitude that you dont need qualifications -she did the level 2 reluctantly and I feel if she trained more she would understand why, what and when we do things rather than questioning everything we do.....I wondered what with the government changes whether everyone is still working to the agenda or not pushing staff for further training?

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I remember reading somewher recently that the move towards achieving a Level 3 workforce by 2015 had been put on the back burner, but for the life of me I can't remember where.


I have always believed it important to have a fully qualified workforce, and breathed a sigh of relief when we achieved that milestone last year. However I have to say that the qualification of itself is no guarantee of high quality practice. I have known well qualified practitioners with little or no empathy or interest in what children need, and I have known unqualified practitioners who are absolutely brilliant at their job.


There is no doubt in my mind that the second type of practitioner would benefit tremendously from undertaking a Level 3 qualification, but in the case of a person who reluctantly did a Level 2 I think you have a huge task ahead of you to persuade her to do the Level 3. She clearly doesn't place value on what she has learned already and I'm not sure how you can enthuse her sufficiently so that she will achieve the outcomes you desire.


I'm sorry that doesn't sound very positive, but I wonder if there are other motivators you can bring to bear? Do you know why she is doing this kind of work, and how she derives job satisfaction? Knowing the answers to those questions might help you devise a package which will incentivise and enthuse her. Would extra responsibility (that she would need a Level 3 for) entice her to improve her skills? Can you afford to pay more salary to a Level 3 practitioner?


Keep at it Shirel, you never cease to amaze me with your enthusiasm, forward thinking and strategic planning so that your group can go from strength to strength.

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Hi Shirel


We've had a very similar situation, someone on level 2 who could do with extra training but just wasn't interested.


We realised there is no point in trying to force someone to train, so instead we put in 2 motivational tools. These are a bonus for staff who reach certain targets (mainly in relation to their area of responsibility) and also a salary scale based on qualifications.


As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water ...


Good to see you around!

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We had a pay scale that was qualification based to motivate those to become better qualified and it worked! We only had one who wasn't interested in doing anything and she was already brilliant at her job, shame she didn't want to but you can't make people study who don't want to. Good luck shirel.

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We sent a level 2 on a playworker lev 3 course for school club and half way through it was pulled due to funding not being available to finish the course. We have also been told that there will be no funding for lev 3 childcare courses next year due to cuts. So how can they say all staff have to be lev 3 when charities cannot afford to pay for the course for their staff to go on?


We had this argument with a lady from the LEA who was running a course for us at the time. She understood but said it was still going ahead and that they are looking into the fact that all staff have to have o level English and maths too! In an ideal world ........

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I think I probably was prompted to ask about this as the last pot of money for funding in our authority is up for grabs as long as we sign up before March.....

I feel a bit pressured but who knows what will happen....


I guess we have to do what we always do and make decisions on what we, as managers want to be able to offer the best provision and practice for our settings....I do believe that having a qualified team is the ideal...


obviously common sense GCSE is also required


.........and a GCSE in cleaning and general dogs body duties is helpful and of course the obvious


A level in "being prepared to work over and above the hours you are paid"


I, like a lot of you have an A* in that one! xD:o

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