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This is the first time I have posted on this forum! I have just found out that in just over a week my Reception class have their class assembly coming up on the weather. I am really struggling to piece the assembly together into something manageable and exciting for the rest of the school to watch. I don't think the children in my class would manage to do a weather forecast so I have considered focusing upon one area of the weather. Next week we are making waterproof coats for our class bear so I could possibly link the assembly to the rain and waterproof clothes.

Any ideas would be appreciated!



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My daughter (aged 7 yrs) did this recently as a class assembly.


The children dressed up to reflect different types of weather- ie: wet weather wear, hula skirts and sunglasses, all white for snow, black and yellow for thunder & lightening etc. Each group in turn, danced to music that represented their type of weather. (classical and popular music). The children dressed in hula skirts and sunglasses particularly enjoyed doing a 60's surfer style dance to a bee gee's number. :oxD

Then they read out a poem ( a child per line) about the weather. ( maybe this could be read out by a teacher at Reception age )


Maybe another idea is for the children to create a number of large pictures depicting different weather, backed by card, which could be held up whilst a poem is read out ( at the appropriatte time in the poem).


Good luck, let us know how it goes.




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On this site there are weather sound bites don't know if you could get the cd in time, or if you could use a podcast, but it is an interesting site full of different programmes and sound clips etc.


When our pre-schoolers were doing weather a couple of years ago, we made a huge t.v. and they would sit behind the t.v. and deliver their weather forecast using the homemade weather prediction devise - one of those plate weather clocks!! It was fun to see them do it, not right for assembly, but great fun in the class.


Good luck with your assembly.

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