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Linking Observations Into Assessment/l.journals


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My head is battered here lol.


We desperatley need a way to link observations into assessment/l-journals


I've recently added an extra box onto our observation sheets to link next steps and eyfs, do you's just then go back and date the development matter achieved


If you do something else will you please share. I have waited 4 months for two people to get back to me but still waiting despite prompts.


Thanks in advance

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I think it depends what you're trying to achieve, SazzJ.


Our observations have an evaluation box in which we write down the next steps/what we need to provide next etc. We have an observation tracker where each development matters statement has its own number (eg PSED1.11) and a series of columns so that the dates of relevant observations can be entered so the key person knows how much evidence for each development matters statement has been found. When we analyse obs, some key people write this number on the observation to show the date has been entered into the tracker.


We have a separate 'special book' which has things the children want to add such as pictures etc, and lots of photographs all carefully annotated with descriptions of what the child has been doing, and which development matters statements it evidences. The dates from these special book pages are also entered into the tracker. One observation wouldn't show that a particular development matter had been achieved, so we build up the evidence by dating several columns as and when we get the evidence, and then once we're sure the child has mastered that skill, we highlight the statement, with a different colour for each term.


The special book is what the parents love because it tells the child's story of their time with us in nursery. This (plus the observation tracker with all the observations bound into the back) are given to the parents when the child leaves, but I'm sure the tracker is never looked at again.

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