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Our school is seriously considering starting 'Read Write Inc'. Could anyone tell me more about this, give opinions on this? I would be using it in Foundation Stage 2 (Reception). at the moment we use LCP phonics alongside Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics.


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Hi, my children's primary school has used this for the past couple of years, and I've chatted to the teacher about it.




It does seem to have had an impact on how quickly children learn to read.

The teacher feels it gives a good structure to synthetic phonics for her to use.




She feels it can be limiting in terms of wider reading, and the stories they use for writing are a bit boring, so she uses real books and real stories carefully along side it.


The teacher uses some old reading books to read in class and sends these home alongside the Read Write Inc. thing, which I think she uses mainly for the charts with the phonic sounds and for writing.


My little girl started Reception this year and she is already reading fluently at about the level you'd expect in Year 1 so it obviously has an impact. I think like anything in teaching it needs to be used alongside your professional judgement about what works best for your children.

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