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I have just joined the Forum as I have been put in reception at the last minute to cover up until half term. I am an assistant head teacher for Inclusion who is usually none class based. However our reception teacher left at Christmas having only joined us recently and our new appointment cannot start until after February half term.


I have a class of 33 children with 25 boys and 6 girls.


I am struggling with setting up enough independent activities to keep the class going all week.


Has anybody got any ideas, websites, books, resources that you have found useful for planning.


Would welcome any ideas! :o

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Hi Sarah

Reception is a great place to be but it is also a nightmare if things are not ok and your class is very large and very boy heavy so Im not surprised you are struggling if this is not your area of expertise! I hope you have FT TA support for you and the children?


Your independent activities should be child initiated with adult enhancement and scaffolding. Are you following the children's interests to engage and motivate them while teaching them the skills they need to progress in their learning?


Not sure that helps a lot but if you have time to browse in the reception area you will find lots of help and ideas.


Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, I have got 1 TA all day so that helps somewhat, although I think the class could really do with another adult as there are a number of behaviour problems and there are a large number of children who need extra support.


I have got somebody from the LA in tomorrow to support me with planning which should be really useful. I think it has been difficult as I only found out last Tuesday that I was in there, then had to do all the planning for the rest of the week as there was nothing in place. So I just feel like I am already behind, when normally I would have spent some time over the Christmas holiday getting planning etc sorted.



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