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A collegue of mine runs the breakfast club at our school. We have a mother who drops her child off in the car park every morning at 8am and drives away before he has got to the breakfast club door. My collegue does think this is unsafe, so a new system was put in to place ( parents now have to sign their child in, in a book at the door).

The parent does not want to sign in her child so she complained to our Headmaster. He has drawn up a letter for her to sign saying her child can walk himself to Breakfast Club and the Breakfast Club staff are not responsable for him until he comes to the door.


Is this allowed?

If it is we will have to go along with it.

If not can any one tell me where I could find something official to show the Mother so we can prove to her that she will have to sign him in.


Thanks for any help you can give us.

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How old is the child? If he is in the EYFS then I wouldn't say it is safe, but if he is of school age and is old enough to walk to school competently by himself, then I would imagine that there is little difference between him walking to school by himself and coming to breakfast club without being signed in. Ultimately if the parent is happy to do this and will absolutely not sign him in then I think you have little option but to ensure you get all the paperwork signed in order to protect yourselves from responsibility should anything dire happen between his getting out of mum's car and arriving at your front door. Is he old enough to sign himself in and write down the time he arrives on your sign in sheet?


Before deciding how to proceed, I'd call the Local Authority and check what their feelings are.


Good luck!

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We have an older child who before joining us was walking to school alone. Mums work hours changed and she needed to leave the house much earlier which was why he joined our breakfast club.He did not want to lose the independence of walking to school(we are on school site)So we agreed that we would sign him into our building providing mum signed a letter stating she understood that our responsibility began only once he entered our building.We also (for our own peace of mind)agreed that we would expect him by a certain time and if he did not appear by this time we would contact mum.

Our local authority were quite happy with this arrangement.As Happymaz says it depends on age etc of the child.


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