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Hi I wanted to do more art activities in my classroom and thought it would be good if we could study an artist for a couple of weeks and do some art work in relation to theirs.

Anyone done this before and got some wonderful pieces of work for display?

My brain is dead and we have only been back two days :o


Thanks x

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I have done this before with a few artists - Kandinsky, Mondrian, Lowry and Matisse, Van gogh.

Kandinsky - we tied this into handwriting and did lots of work on straight lines, zig zags, anti clockwise movements. Had great results. The major piece was a large concentric circle painting based on kandinsky's concentric circles, each child did their own circle on a canvas and then we hung them side by side.

Van gogh - starry starry night, also tied in with handwriting, large swirls and anticlockwise movments. slapped paint and PVA on very large card them scraped designs with sig zag cardboard pieces, then sprinkled with glitter. So good I would hang it in my lounge!

Lowry - lots of shadow work, match stick men and women, tied in with the book the matchstick man. Collage town scenes.

Matisse - we looked at the 'snail' Children them tore up tissue paper and stuck it in a spiral shape to create their own.

Mondrian - very large scale. We did this in several ways, on the playground painting with wheels and large brushes, on a large display board, own individual mondrians with rulers and pens. Also carried on the straight line theme with sticking masking tape on tables in straight lines, walking and marching in straight lines, rolling paint balls in straight lines.


I love focussing on artists, it really engages the children and gives them something to aim towards but with their own style.


Good luck

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We are having a art week this week!


Jackson Pollock - large scale floor work where he flicks/ splats paint - different resources to flick paint e.f. watering can, tights filled with stuff, spray bottles, washinging up liquid bottles, paintbrushes, toothbrushes, soapdispensers, sieves


Tony cragg - creates work out off coloured rubbish/ items - he gets loads of shades of blue and sticks them down to make a picture -his website is really good full of images


seurat - makes pictures using dots - we created pictures and experiemented making dots with different materials, also printing in paint, the children looked for items that made the best dots.


we have also done mondrian - used rollers to created the black lines then used brushes to fill in the gaps we then mounted the work in a frame from ikea and it looks really good, will try and post picture tomorrow as pictures on computer at school. Also used garden gains and sheets of paper to create a picture outside.


Andy Goldsworthy - use natural objects to create picture- go on a walk and collect items, use them to make a picture outside.


see link below for some art ideas suggested on the scholastic website

scholastic inspire and create

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Thanks so much for all those wonderful ideas!


I am going to start doing Jackson Pollock next week. I have printed off both lists and intend to do more throughout the year. they have been a great help.


I am very excited about this... :o


Thanks again x

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