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Hi misshell and welcome can i ask what you are aiming to find out from the questions that you would put down or give to dads.

Are they to evaluate your provision, make changes, see what additional resources dads may like you to provide etc.

If so then i think it could be quite simple to compile.

Have you had a search in the forums section, it maybe worth a try, will have a look for you and see what i can find. :o

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Hi Mishell, Are you in a childrens centre?

We did a short questionairre ages ago for dads , Questions were like -


Have you been to any groups at the childrens centre?

Would you like a group especially for dads?

What sort of things would you like to do if we had a dads group in the centre?

When would be the best time for you to come to centre?

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After putting my degree on hold I am heading back to finish it! For my research project I am looking at increasing the number of fathers/male carers who access the Childrens Centre.


I found a piece of research that had been carried out and it includes a copy of the questionnaire they used:




hope the link works :)

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