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Invoices For The New Entitlement


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Do any of you have a good invoice that explains the free entitlement on it? We are reviewing ours as we need to submit one to our LEA to examine and I think it needs better clarification. Have looked in the resources file but the previous one submitted was 2009.


Thanks for your help.

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I don't have one to share unfortunately because mine doesn't actually mention the free entitlement.


If parents are only taking their free entitlement they I don't raise an invoice. If parents are taking sessions in excess of their free entitlement then my invoice lists only those sessions, plus the daily voluntary contribution which I currently 'charge'.


So long as your invoice makes it clear which part is free, and which is charged for (and doesn't show the free entitlement as a deduction from your standard fees) I think you're in the clear.


I stand to be corrected though - I'm feeling a bit bolshie about all things funding at present! :o

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