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Anyone Struggling With Weather And How Have You Coped?


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I have a easy day today as my lo's could not get too me, but i still have my school runs to do, somehow i get the short end of the stick!!!


Not sure how i will push double buggy in this much snow mind, luckily 1 is a teacher and her school is closed, my other mum is at uni so not sure of things there!


I know some of my friends have refused to do school runs but i still have my own son to take to school so not no worse for me!!!


Anyone else struggling??

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Guest jane707

I have been ok so far. I have got a double buggy with big wheels and that is ploughing through the snow ok. It was a bit scary going downhill the other day though I just had to hang on and hope!


I have loads of blankets to wrap up the little ones and the older children's parents have been great sending wellies, extra socks, big coats etc. I keep spares here too just in case they forget.


I have re-written my risk assessment for the weather to say that I reserve the right not to do school runs if I consider them too dangerous, but at the moment luckily we've been ok.


I am just hoping it clears quickly! :o

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Non of my minded ones came last week(so I had the week off which was lovely)

I live at the top of a steep hill and had about 14 inches of snow ,so the road was unpassable by car and very difficult on foot for adults ,let alone young children or with a buggy.

Several of them live in outlying country areas so were snowed in before i was.

The school I collect from was closed ,but the parents decided to sent their child to grandma s as they did nt feel it was safe for them ,him or me to be trying to get up and down.

One mum asked me to meet her in town to collect child as she did nt want to risk the hill which was fine normally ,but when I asked her what I d then do with her child and how ! would get up the hill with him !! erm!! she kept him at home too.

The road has been cleared now ,though still icy this morning ,but the paths are awful theres no way i can push a buggy on them and they arent safe to walk on .

I m assuming school will be open in the morning ,but am concerned that i ll have to walk on the road to get down and back and the dangers /risks involved ,especially if I have a buggy and kids walking, but feel that parents will be relying on me to get their children to and from school as theyll need to be at work.

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