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as part of a topic on people who help us we are looking at dentists.

ideas so far are


making instructions for how to brush teeth


disclosing tablets - have done this with older children...not so sure about FS?


counting teeth


sampling tooth paste - deciding on favorites


role play area - dentists


foods good for our teeth and bad for our teeth.


would love to get a dentist in and have emailed a few people in the hope...


has anyone got any other good ideas or know of any good resources or books? have heard of wibbly wobbly by Miriam Ross.


thanks in advance....

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Play ths game outside, mine loved it. The person whos on is the 'sweet' if you get tagged by the sweet you sit down, you have a bad tooth. Ive just done two weeks with mu kids....we brush our teeth every morning, to a two min song. weve sorted good/bad foods for our teeth. we have put a boiled egg in blacjk tea, observed it going brown then brushed our egg. We had a set of teeth from the science cupboard and used tin foil to act as fillins. We had a dentist role play area with xrays of mouths and teeth. We had pics up to display peopile weraring braces. As we got going there was endless stuff to do. interactive display for sorting.


ill think of more as the night goes on im sure xxx

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Write to the tooth fairy, paint using tooth brushes, include vocab: fresh, bristles, frothy minty etc. Thesere a website called


loads on their



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