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I am currently studying on the EYP course and I need to have a part in the policies. I work in a nursery and am going to write a curriculum policy - does anyone have any examples or any ideas to help me write the curriculum policy?



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Hi gspence, and thanks for making your first post. You've chosen probably the most interesting policy to write, so congratulations for choosing wisely! It can cover so much, but I'd suggest starting with these:


* A setting vision statement: what is it you are offering the children, and what do you want your setting's ethos to be? Get quotes from the staff and choose the most inspiring!

* Any specific approaches/pedagogies you follow, eg Montessori, Steiner, Reggio, and theoretical influences

* Broad aims and learning opportunities, taken from the six areas of learning

* Four themes of the EYFS: how are they reflected in your setting? eg positive relationships are supported through your key person system.

* The learning environment/child-initiated and adult-led play, indoors /outdoors

* Observation, assessment and recording of children's achievements

* Supporting children's learning, inclusion, SEN

* Celebrating diversity

* Parental partnerships

* Sharing information through transitions

* Staff strengths, CPD, etc.


I hope this gives you a framework to start from. :o

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