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Going to start a topic soon about feelings and emotions and am after some help. I have some ideas, such as circle times where the children could hold up a happy/sad face when i give them a story, have a puppet come in and explain that she is sad etc. Planning a topic table with fans of different feelings and emotion, colouring sheets, and taking pictures of the children acting out different emotions. What \i'm after really are any great ideas that you guys may have...I'm sure you have loads. What have you done in your settings to do with feelings?


I have searched and not really come up with much. Also any good story books about emotions and feelings? Along the lines of rainbow fish...



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When we play parachute games, we begin by sitting/kneeling on the floor holding the parachute and lifting it up and waving to the people on the other side, then we let it fall and lift it again, this time we make our happy face, let the parachute fall, lift it again and then make a sad face, we carry on like this lifting up the parachute and making grumpy face, scary face, upset/crying face that sort of thing.

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