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We have a little girl who has additional needs, we've applied for funding for a 1:1 but at the end of the day we don't feel she needs it but mum is adamant that she does, anyway today mum came in for the afternoon session and said she really enjoyed it and is happy to volunteer to bot little ones 1:1.


How can I professionally say no? Mum is not a suitable person to be around all the children and I can imagine quite a few other parents wouldn't be happy about it either but obviously I can't give her that reason.


She is involved in a caf and we have a meeting tomorrow and I just know she will bring it up, she also offered to pay for a crb if she came in as a volunteer.


I just need to have some answers in my mind if/when she brings it up


Any help will be very highly appreciated please :o

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What a tricky situation and I can understand that it will be difficult with the mum esp with other parents. You also have to be careful that you don't set a precedent which other parents will then try to copy or you could end up with lots of "well meaning" parents offering to stay all the time.

Can you approach it from the angle of it being in the child's best interests to develop independence and if mum is there with her that will not enable this to happen. Also maybe suggest that it could unsettle other children if one parent stays and others don't.


Sorry not to offer more advice, hope you find a way forward and good luck for tomorrows meeting.

Nicky Sussex :oxD

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Very tricky, I work in the private sector but we do have children who recieve 1:1 support in the setting, Surely the 1:1 will recieve some form of payment for the time and administration required to fill the role, could this be a reason? Mum could be thanked for the offer but advised that to receive 1:1 there is a procedure to go through. I don't know if this is applicable but all 1:1 support in the setting I run must be level 3 qualfied in order to set and carry out targets, another valid reason to explain mum's unsuitability.

Sorry, may not be helpful but are you attatched to a children's centre? has she a support worker you could talk this over with before the meeting?

Hope this has been some help, not a lot more I can suggest x

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