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Does anyone have a staff training contract.


It has been suggested that we put one in place! I think it is to deter staff? ie if we claim a bursary or the setting pays for a staff member to undertake their level 3 training they complete training and then leave the contract would state they should repay the cost of their training?

Make sense?





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I work for a large organisation; we have a training contract in place (I'm sure someone will come a long soon and upload one for you).


Don't forget though its not only a monetary investment you make in staff training, it's also time, encouragement, mentoring, cover if necessary etc

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I started writing a policy just before I closed my preschool in 2007, I found the need to require employees to undergo continuous training as part of their employment contract.

At the time my deputy manager was refusing to do a degree, which left me concerned as to how to meet the future requirements of having a leader with degree level qualification.


This draft was not completed but might be a starting point for you.


I would have continued to include financial agreements on training that was not compulsory for any staff, however, if training is compulsory then the employer, I believe, should fund this and ensure that this funding requirement is included within the preschool budgeting.




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Hi staff training for their level 3 would have a contract which stated that if they left before completion of the course, they would be liable for full payment of course fees. Also that they would be expected to remain with the pre-school for 12 months after completion.

Not sure how you would reclaim it back though if they did decide to leave. I suppose it shows a commitment.


We also allow up to 15 hours training per person, per year and staff are paid accordingly.


Some staff will have compulsory training throughout the year and will be paid at their normal rate of pay.

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