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I'm hoping one of you wonderful people out there may be able to offer me some inspiration.


I have been given the opportunity to assist the children in F2 with their calendars this year. I would like to make these more child initiated and individual but my mind has drawn a total blank.


Last year it was the ink you dust (cant remember the name!) to make patterns

The year before was bubble prints with indian ink blown winter trees.


I would be very grateful for any ideas!


Thank you in advance



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Hi not sure what your budget is but one year we bought the canvasses from the 99p/£1.00 shop and the children experimented with paint making patterns on them, handprints etc. We then attached our small calendars on the bottom with ribbon.

We have also photographed the children in their everyday play, and then mounted them they do make a wonderful gift for parents from the child. The children also made the wrapping paper and gift tag.

Good luck i'm sure whatever you choose they will be fantastic. :o

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One year our calendars had a photograph of the child taking part in their favourite activity (I'd asked them..."What do you like doing the best in reception?"...and I had one girl who replied "Taking the register" so her photograph was of her during a free play activity holding her register :o )


We also had a portrait that the child had done of them and their friends in Reception and I think we had sparkly hand prints somewhere on there too? Was on an A4 piece of card which we laminated once all bits were on.


The children enjoyed making them and lots of the parents commented on how nice it was to have a picture of their child doing what they enjoyed the most (I tried to use photographs that I had taken whilst the children were busy and not aware that me or the camera was there)


Let us know how you get on. I'm actually working as a QT in a Chidlren's Centre at the moment and I must admit I miss doing things like this in School xD

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last year in preschool we had the children take photographs of each other and we used these. If the photo really didn't show the child at all, we got another one to taken another day/later on, they loved snapping each other. The photo's of themselves were then given to each child and they stuck it on and decorated around the calender as they wished. I did actually send a letter out with the calender to explain the process and how much the children had got from the activity as several staff members felt the parents would be disappointed to receive such a calender (which I found very sad!) General feedback was positive from the parents, and children loved them



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