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Transition From Nursery To Reception - Reporting Process?


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:o Hello all !! A little background. I work in a British International School outside of the UK (dragged here by my husband xD ) which goes from Foundations Stage 1 to IB. I am in the Nursery :)


I am desperately trying to push for the "Learning Journey" document to replace a computer generated bank statement type end of year report which we currently give to unsuspecting parents. I have seen last year's reports which state things like :"Oscar listens and responds. Oscar seeks and delights in new experiences".... etc. It basically is a blow by blow run through of the ELG's with no depth.


SMT love the idea - BUT are worried that parent's will expect the same from Foundation Stage 2.


As this really is the first school I've taught in I'd like advice on what is the norm. Do Learning Journey books continue through to FS2 - or are they replaced by more formal documents?


Lovingly awaiting some guidance, light, direction, HELP.



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I don't like the computer generated 'faceless'reports but in Year R in school we have a duty to give parents an annual written report covering all areas of the curriculum. We wrote our own template of key comments based on ELG's so it all fits on to two sides of A4, and then personalise it to reflect the acheivements of each child, with personal details added and a personal 'summing up' at the end. This goes home in June. I have no idea if this is the norm, but other schools I know seem to do this too.

We share learning journeys (files with all our observations, examples of children's work and the occasional photo) with parents as we go along, and they are part of our parents evening discussions too.

Good luck with breaking away from the statement bank.

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Thanks so much Mary. I contacted the company we use today to ask if we could include photographs and a personal comment at the end. They're doing me an example so hopefully it'll all be approved by SMT.


Fingers crossed x :o

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