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Hi hope someone can help explain this link for me.


According to the QA check LCT point 4 links with CD point 8 and KU point 8. I can at a push see the link with creative development but not KU.


At a recent cluster meeting i asked the early years advisor to clarify this for me, her response was; she would have to look into it as she wasn't sure herself.


As anyone else come across any links they're unsure about?

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Could it be that the actions point in LCT 4 'responds with relevant comments, questions and actions' link with KU8 'selecting...adapting...'?



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"LCT 4 builds on scale point 3 and links with knowledge and understanding of the world (KUW) 8 and creative development (CD) 8, which concern the expression and communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings."


"Knowledge and understanding of the world (KUW)and Creative development (CD) against Language for communication and thinking (LCT) – if a child does well in LCT, he or she is likely to do well in KUW 5 and 6 or CD 7 and 8 as these scale points also involve using reasoning language, clarification and explanation of ideas."


KUW 8 guidance is The child independently makes thoughtful choices about the selection of resources, the tools and the techniques employed in his or her construction work. The child will change what has not served its purpose in order to make improvements.


I could say that it is the ability to respond to the situation and share their decisions based on what they want to achieve. On the other hand it could just be a typo given the other guidance in the same document!!




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