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Remembrance Day

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Need to do a lesson plan for Remembrance Day for a reception class. I have an activity in mind but I am unsure at how to approach the background behind the poppy.

I am a student teacher and I am being observed.


Any advice will be appreciated.


Net x

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My husbands great grandfather was killed in the first world war aged 34. I have a photo of him in uniform with his wife and 3 children. I show the children the photograph on the IAW and we discuss the family and their names, that the dad is a soldier and talk about how the little girl is feeling etc. I then explain that unfortunately he was killed because being a soldier is dangerous. It really all comes from the children and where they take it and each year is different.

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We have a Magic Grandad book that helps them understand the basics including the origin of the poppy. They then think of something they remember (happy or sad) and draw it on a poppy leaf that we put together to make a display. It is always very popular and has sometimes raised valuable topics for discussions

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