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Dessertation Topic Help Needed!


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hi all, im studying my final year in my BA early childhood studies and have a dessertation module which im kinda worried about


The topic which id like to research is based on the outdoor environment. after alot of thought i have come up with a title which is:

The impact that outdoor resources have on childrens learning.


i have to now come up with a few questions in which i would carry out the research and kinda need help on the questions and would appreciate any ideas on and readings related to this topic!!!!


im fairly new to the forum so still getting my way around.would appreciate any advice.thanx :o

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Hi and welcome!

Thinking cap is on......


How does it differ to indoor learning? i.e. should the resources be the same

Something about free flow affecting resources?

Availability and cost of resources?

People as resources and staffing?



Good luck!



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Great ideas so far xD I would be interested in looking at the different use of resources in child-initiated and adult-directed activities outside. Very often, the children are far more inventive than the adults :o

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Hi Shak89


First and foremost welcome to the forum :o


It might be useful to do a forum search for topics / discussions about outdoors and get some ideas what people use their outdoor spaces for, this may highlight some fundamental differences of the indoor and outdoor space. To do a search use the turquoise tab at the top right hand corner of the screen called 'Search forum posts' and put in outdoors or any variant you wish. This might give you some useful background reading and hopefully some ideas.


There are also some articles on the site that may be food for thought


Taking a Risk? The value of risk and challenge in the early years.


Play and Exploration


Hope some of this helps xD



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