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Hi there Hoglet, Just raising this one up for other members to read who may have missed it.


Have you got a particular concerns over your PSED profile scores or as aspect of it?

I tend to find that it is part fo the whole ethos of the class that supports or otherwise the PSED..from thinking about room layout to routines to supporting chidlren to make choices and independence etc. That's not to say that the activities you mentioned aren't important too, but I think I would want to look at where the children were not doing so well and if there are things in the way we work that we could improve.

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We have a kindness wall, which I think I saw on here somewhere? We have some bricks cut out and we write on the brick when they do something kind or helpful and then it gets added to the class kindness wall. Parents also write on a brick if the children are kind at home too.


Lots of activities really where they have to work together as a pair, group or a class - puzzles, board games, parachute, tidying the playground, whole class role-play e.g magic carpet ride, building a class scarecrow, a group collage.


At the end of each day we give out a 'paper plate medal' for a PSED reason, which all the class are always excited to try to get.


Hope this helps.

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